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Your kitchen surface really is the jewel in the crown, bringing everything together beautifully in both an aesthetical and practical sense. The surface you choose should reflect your lifestyle whilst still fulfilling your aspirations.
We want to make sure that the surface you choose from us is the right surface for you, please click on an image below to help you make not only an informed choice but an inspired one...

Sdavies sliders kitchen surfaces silestone

Silestone is the leader and specialist in all types of quartz surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms. Silestone created a patented compound made of 90% natural quartz, making an extraordinarlly hard and resilliant product. Available in over 90 colours, Silestone is stain resistant and non-porous and comes complete with a 25 year warranty.



Sdavies sliders kitchen surfaces dekton

Dekton is an ultra-compact surface, created from a unique blend of raw materials to offer extreme performance and beautiful design. Resistant to heat, stains, scratches and UV light, Dekton even allows you to place a hot pan directly onto the surface with no worry of damage. Available in three different thicknesses and 16 different designs, Dekton is the perfect choice for a long-lasting and unique worksurface.



Sdavies sliders kitchen surfaces spectra square edge

A contemporary and affordable laminate surface, Spectra Square-Edge provides the ability to create custom shapes at a fraction of the cost of a stone surface. Available in 22mm and 40mm thickness and 22 decors, this versatile surface can also be used as splashbacks, shelving and cabinet framing.



Sdavies sliders kitchen surfaces spectra extraslim

At just 12.5mm in thickness, Spectra Extra-Slim is one of the thinnest work surfaces available on the market today. With a solid black core, curves can easily be created – giving greater design flexibility. Suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, the versatile work surface is available in six decors.



Sdavies sliders kitchen surfaces mistral