Favourite for Everyday Living


Kronofix Classic is the ideal laminate flooring for today’s busy life. This Krono Original® laminate flooring is lovely to look at, easy to care for and highly resistant to the scuffs and spills of everyday life. What’s more, Kronofix Classic is simplicity itself to install and offers a perfect result.

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1665 royal oak_kcl
1668 appalachia maple_kcl
1675 spreewald oak_kcl
1688 flaming beech_kcl
4288 fremont elm_kcl
5167 honey oak_kcl
5534 auckland elm_kcl
5559 astoria walnut_kcl
8098 arizona oak_kcl
8213 frosted pear_kcl
8220 surf oak_kcl
8373 manitoba oak_kcl
8463 sea breeze oak_kcl
8494 sylt fine line_kcl
8643 scandinavian ash_kcl
8812 urban legend_kcl
8814 living beech_kcl
8816 saragossa oak_kcl
8926 white washed ash_kcl