A stunning new achievement in realism


The Super Natural Classic range provides a new level of realism. The matt surface, with Authentic Embossed glossy pore, faithfully reproduces the most exquisite features of premium quality timber to give your floor a natural look and feel.

5164 warehouse oak_snc
5165 monastery oak_snc
5166 bleached oak_snc
5540 valley oak_snc
5541 bedrock oak_snc
5542 boulder oak_snc
5543 colorado oak_snc
8573 harlech oak_snc
8575 blonde oak_snc
8576 loft oak_snc
8630 aspen oak_snc
8631 castle oak_snc
8632 colonial oak_snc
8633 shire oak_snc
8634 light brushed oak_snc