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Wordsworth Avenue, Penarth:

A glowing review from another happy customer! Fantastic kitchen and bathroom renovation project. Thanks for the great review on FreeIndex:

" My husband and I had never been involved with building work before and were nervous when searching for a company to take on our rather large project of a new living/dining/kitchen and bathroom. We had bought our house purely to renovate and make into our dream home, therefore getting the detail spot on was important to us.

Shaun Davies and his team understood this and we couldn't be happier with the outcome - even with the surprises that come with doing building work on a 1920s house..!

With Shaun managing the design and suppliers and his allocated team doing the work under his management, all bases were covered. Shaun remained in contact with us throughout the two months and was able to keep my Project Manager husband happy with his updates - not an easy task!

Special thanks should be given to Chris who hand built such a beautiful kitchen and always had a smile on his face throughout the work. Chris is a definite asset to Shaun's team.

I was comfortable leaving the team in our home unattended and it was a pleasure to be in their company too - very polite, hard working and fun gents.

Thank you very much. "

Bathroom before and after:

Broker batchroom before after montage cropped

Kitchen before and after:

Brooker before and afeter montage kitchen



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