Rustic Plank Effect for a Finer Lifestyle


The exquisite Castello Classic floor perfectly emulates nature. With its realistic rustic texture and subtle surface structures you can actually feel, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference from actual wood. But, unlike the real thing, Castello Classic is easy to care for and keep clean, giving you enduring beauty for many years to come.



709 Highland Oak
1665 Royal Oak
1675 Spreewald Oak
1722 San Francisco Pine
4275 Country Birch
4280 Country Oak
4281 Sable Oak
4282 Reykjavik Oak
4283 Flaxen Oak
4284 Cinder Oak
4285 Jalepeno Oak
4290 Glastonbury Pine
4291 Crusoe Oak
4292 Heritage Oak
4293 Savanna Robinia
4294 Thermo Acacia
5550 Loxley Oak
5551 Springfield Walnut
5552 White Oiled Oak
6952 Classic Oak