With most washing up now being catered for by a dishwasher, the kitchen sink area has now
taken on a different form. It is now often considered an extension of your work space, with all manner of accessories available such as sliding chopping boards, waste disposal units, soap dispensers water filters and instant hot water taps.

Sinks are predominately available in three very different materials:

Stainless steel

Pros: Very durable and hygienic; Resistant to most chemicals; Huge range of designs available; Relatively low cost.

Cons: Difficult to maintain finish; High gauge, low cost stainless is very flimsy.


Pros: Exeptionally durable and hygienic; Resistant to impact, scratches and stains; Heat resistant up to 280°c; Easy to clean and maintain; Various colour options available.

Cons: Generally more expensive than other materials. 


Pros: Non Porous; Highly resistant to chemicals and heat; Natural Material; Classic and Practical design.

Cons: Can be chipped; loses luster if not cleaned often and correctly; Butler sinks are not ideal with wooden work surfaces.


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