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In our experience there are generally 5 reasons..      VR Woman

  1. Through necessity
  2. To add sterling value to your home
  3. To create personalized space that works for you and your family’s requirements
  4. To assist house sale through desirability
  5. To maximize a home’s potential and/or create “The Wow Factor”

What you will spend and indeed should spend will differ depending on “your” reasons and financial standing. For example in 2018 the averageUK household spent between £10-20,000 on there kitchen refurbishments.  Typically, this figure would be too high to assist a house sale but not high enough to truly maximize the space and create the ultimate Wow factor.

A great way of significantly improving the functionality, space and feel of a home is to open up a kitchen and traditional dining room to create one large space that connects the whole family and really does transform day to day life around the home.

This can be both relatively easy and inexpensive to carry out or quite complex and expensive.  That’s where expert advice is essential.

We consider it our duty to help guide you down the right path and advise on the correct amount to spend and as importantly, the correct specification of products to meet your criteria.  Over specification is as bad as under specification in our opinion. For example, do you really need a dishwasher with 12 programmes when most house holders would never want or need to use more than 3.

Whatever your requirements we will work hard to meet them and always offer you professional, honest & unbiased advice.

We are able to provide every trade required and enlist the services of trade partners/professionals in the form of Architects/Structural Surveyors/Quantity Surveyors



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