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Imagine if you could actually ‘step into’ your new kitchen, bathroom or bedroom at the design stage....... With Shaun Davies Home Solutions, you can.

We use the very latest ArtiCAD computer aided design technologies to present your dream room design in high definition 3D with a panoramic viewer.

Just by pressing a few buttons, you can zoom in and out to appreciate the design features as you wish. It also has an automatic gyroscope facility so you can continuously pan around the room.

It can be shown on your PC, or any tablet or portable device. Just think; you can stand in your current kitchen, bedroom or bathroom space whilst viewing the finer details of your dream room – giving you confidence to make the right design decisions, making the process as smooth as possible.

Have a go !

Click on any of the images below to access an example of the 360 Panoramic Viewer experience that Shaun Davies Home Solutions offers:

 pan360 kitchenpan360 bathroompan360 bedroom

Kitchen Design 360


Bathroom Design 360


Bedroom Design 360



The demos: On PC - to use the new 360 Panoramic Viewer demos below on a PC, place your mouse over the image and holding down the left mouse button move side to side, up and down on the image to move around the room. To zoom in and out within the room hover your mouse over the image and scroll up and down. Alternatively you can use the control panel at the bottom of the image.



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