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This month’s product focus is on Ilve range cookers.

There is no doubt that range cookers are becoming more popular year on year. Ilve is a world renowned manufacturer of high quality, hand built range cookers for over 50 years, branded ‘Britannia’ in the UK until 2013.

Shaun Davies Home Solutions is one of a small selection of exclusive authorised dealers in the UK.

Ilve has the reputation of being the brand of choice for people who are 'passionate about cooking'. It is one of our preferred manufacturers because it allows you to ‘design your own cooker’, giving you the ability to choose all the elements which go into building a range cooker so that it exactly suits your needs.

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There is a fantastic range of sizes and options, with up to 7 different hob configurations – for example, can’t decide between a gas or ceramic, not a problem, you can have both!

There is vast choice of colours including from stainless steel black and graphite, through to cream, white, green and burgundy. They also have an exceptional build quality and value for money that sets them apart from other top brands.

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There are four models in the range, Roma, Milano, Moderna and Ultimo.

The specific features of each model are given in more detail on the product images below.

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moderna descritive

Roma descriptive

Ultimo descritive

Ilve range cookers also have features completely unique to the brand. Featured on certain models for example are patented Ilve solid brass gas burners for greater efficiency, with no loss of performance for up to 15 hours cooking; up to 300 degrees cooking as standard digitally controlled, and the ability to incorporate microwaves in the second oven in some models.

All Ilve range cookers come with a 2 year warranty and exceptional after sales care.

Why not download the complete Ilve range brochure from our website today and design the cooker of your dreams !




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