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"My vision for our Design Studio stemmed from a general dislike of standard kitchen and bathroom showrooms. Their layouts never reflect a true or typical space, and the ambience is generally sales orientated and not conducive to decision making.

It was for this reason that we decided to open our very own Design Studio and make it by appointment only. This means our clients have exclusive use of the Studio, our undivided attention, no distractions and a relaxed 'no pressure' environment, which we believe is important in helping to make the right design and function choices first time.

Our Design Studio has also been purposely set out as a working-model kitchen in terms of a typical layout and size, making it easier for our clients to get a feel for visualising the real thing. There is a huge focus on day-to-day practicalities, recreating real life situations with fully stocked drawers and cupboards, to show how a little thought and expertise can help make everyday life run much smoother.

We have included many little gems not readily seen on the high street, like a built-in under counter fridge with pull-out drawers; a motorised chandelier extractor fan that can be brought down at a touch of a button to use as an extractor fan and then taken up as a chandelier when not in use ; and a luxury bespoke handmade oak larder.

Faber Ambiente Nest resized edited 1

'Nest', Faber's motorised chandelier extractor fan

Style obviously takes precedence too. As well as our working kitchen which obviously displays some of our product in a real-life situation, the Design Studio is also fully stocked with samples of all our products from doors, worksurfaces and hardware, through to tiles and flooring. We believe having access to all these samples in such an environment and being able to easily swap and change to 'create' your look, makes it easier for the customer to achieve exactly what they want, making the briefing and quotation process quicker and more accurate.

Importantly, the Design Studio also allows us to demonstrate the many components of a design scheme that can often be overlooked by clients, but we believe should not be underestimated. For example, when you can physically demonstrate the difference internal accessories can make to the functionality of a cupboard/drawer space, or the importance of lighting and how it can used as a stunning feature with pre set 'mood' zones in defined areas of a room, then clients can appreciate how these things can be used in a design scheme to elevate the overall effect. This is often hard to do in a traditional high street 'showroom'.

The facility will not replace an initial home visit- we believe it is still vital to have the first design consultation at home in order to get a feel for the space and the personality of the house. However, being able to follow this visit up with an appointment at the Design Studio with all that it offers, will ultimately be advantageous to our clients.

We are extremely excited about the role our Design Studio will now play in the decision making process."



Bespoke, handmade solid oak larder



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