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Going live this week is our exciting “My Room Plan” software package. It enables users to create a detailed 2D plan of their room, thus allowing potential customers to get a quotation and establish an initial budget very quickly and easily, before progressing through to our comprehensive 3D design service.Myroomplan logo

The simple to use software can be accessed at the touch of a button by submitting a contact form with some basic details. It can then be used online via a PC, tablet or smart phone.

From the comfort of your sofa, you can simply follow the five step process that effortlessly walks you through your design, from choosing a room layout, customising dimensions and room features through to inserting furniture using click, drag and drop.

Shaun Davies, Proprietor , explains, “With this software, our customers are able to get very hands-on in the design process. We feel that this will give our customers a more rewarding relationship with their kitchen, bedroom or bathroom project.

We believe that ultimately this will lead to a more satisfying and personal design solution.”

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